Services to Care Agencies and Carers

We are keen to develop our relationship with carers and care agencies as we feel that such a relationship can yield great rewards for all involved, most of all for the person we care for.


We are developing our support services as we speak, and would be keen to receive any feedback or questions from carers about this.


So far, we have introduced the following services with carers and care at home in mind.


  • FREE prescription, ordering, collection and delivery service:

It doesnt end there. if you are a carer who is trained to help with medicines, we will deliver at a time and place that suits yourself. Even if the doctor visits, we will call to collect the prescription from you, and deliver it back as promptly as possible.

  • Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS):

MDS are designed to make taking tablets easier. Tablets being organised into a simple 7 day blister pack. We have a range of MDS available, all dispensed by our Pharmacy staff, and delivered routinely at a time (and place) that suits.

  • Daily Living Aids:

From beakers to grabbers, walking aids to urinals. We stock a huge range of items that can make living with a disability easier. These items can be delivered to your door, and at a discounted price for people who can show that they are a carer. Click here to view a few of the lines in stock.

  • Training / Information resource:

If you manage a care agency and would like your staff trained on medicines administration, we can help. Rob Hebdon has been training care staff in medicines management for approx 10 years now, and is available to advise on all medicine related issues.

If you are a single handed carer, who just wants to know more about medicines or a certain medical condition, likewise, just contact us and we will do what we can to help.

  • Pamper sessions:

We are more than aware of the stresses that carers are under. We are committed to providing heavily discounted sessions with any of our therapists (please click here to see what is on offer), for people who can show that they are registered carers.

We hope to have a number of FREE sessions available every couple of months. Watch this space!