Our health checks: monitoring your health

We want you to stay healthy. In a matter of  minutes, we can carry out a few simple tests, enabling us to offer you expert advice on the issues which may lead to an improvement in your health - Primary Prevention...


We carry out the following measurements:

  • Smoking status
  • Alcohol intake
  • Exercise levels
  • Body-Mass-Index (BMI)
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Lipid profile (cholesterol levels)
  • Family history

You receive your results immediately!


From these results we are able to calculate a clinical indicator called the JBS cardiovascular risk, an indicator of how healthy your heart is. This is used to determine your overall risk of stroke or heart attack in the next ten years. GP's use this marker to determine whether you require treatment.


The NHS health checks are free to eligible patients - please contact us for for more information.