Mens Health:

Believe it or not, but the male population in general find talking about matters relating to their health difficult. This reluctance to acknowledge when something is wrong and to seek help can have some significant consequences.


We have the facilities on-site to offer a confidential and easy to access service, we take time to listen to your concerns and offer the required advice. Treatments may also be available without you having to see your GP.


As well as offering clinical services such as blood pressure and cholesterol testing, we can offer advice in the following areas

  • cancer
  • mental health e.g. depression
  • weight loss
  • erectile dysfunction
  • hair loss 


How can I access this service?

Our consulting rooms are available all the time, so just drop in (there may be a small wait depending on other customers). If you would like more information and/or make a formal appointment, please ring and ask our staff or contact us via our contact form.