Private Prescriptions

On occassion your doctor or dentist may want to prescribe you a medication that is not available on the NHS. This prescription is referred to as a private prescription. A private prescription is exempt from NHS prescription charges, but the Pharmacy will still need to charge you to cover the costs of the stock.


We work very hard to keep our prices as low and as competitve as possible.


If you have a private prescription why not give us a ring (01704 835500), or pop in and discuss this with our Pharmacist.


Some items that you may visit the doctor for and obtain a private prescription for, may now be available after a consultation with our Pharmacist.


Our Pharmacists have undertaken a series of educational courses which now qualify them to supply items such as Viagra(R) for Erectile Dysfunction, and Champix(R) for helping you to stop smoking, without the need to see a doctor.

Again, please ring or pop in and ask to speak to one of our Pharmacists!

Expansion of the Non-Medical Prescriptions Programme
Paul, one of our Pharmacists is a qualified supplementary prescriber, he currently sees patients in blood pressure clinics and prescribes medication accordingly. He has been able to do this through extra training and the roll out of the Department of Healths Non-Medical Prescriptions Programme! The Non-Medical Prescriptions Programme provides opportunities for trained practitioners who are not qualified doctors to work together with medical staff. The programme aims to speed up access to doctors, increase service capacity and widen patient choice. We hope that implementing this scheme at our chemist's will provide patients with faster access to prescription services, improve overall service quality and make better use of nurses’ and other health professionals’ skills.

(Source: Department of Health)