Vitamin Supplements

From time to time we could all do with a little boost. Whether wanting to give our immune system a little help, or wanting to protect our bones, supplements can help.


Then comes the difficulty of choosing one product against another. All make bold claims, but which one best suits your needs and budget?


We've tried to keep things simple, we stock only well known brands such as Seven Seas, and Vitabiotics, and our Pharmacy staff are all trained to offer advice and make recommendations.




For 40 years Vitabiotics’ products have empowered consumers to improve their own health though natural, effective solutions. Our range includes nutritional products for diet & exercise, energy release, beauty & cleansing, pregnancy & menopause, heart, brain and eye health, and many more. All products are made to the highest pharmaceutical standards of quality that you expect from Vitabiotics.

Seven Seas

Seven Seas is the number-one supplier of vitamins, minerals and supplements in the UK, and is also sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. With leading brands such as Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil, JointCare, Multibionta, Haliborange and Femibion, Seven Seas is all about helping everyone feel great, every day.


Valupak have been offering great value in supplement products for quite some time. Dont be fooled by the 'no-frills' packaging, there is no compromise on the quality of product. The range of supplements available through Valupak is second to none. Their weight loss programmes are going to be one of this years best sellers.